What’s missing in the Church today?

Ask people what’s missing in the church today and you will get a laundry list of things from Christians and Non-Christians alike,  ranging from compassion to inclusion.   When we listen to the non-christian tell us what is missing and what we should do to get more people into the church, it’s easy to fall into the trap of agreeing with many things we shouldn’t agree with.  The Non-Christian would tell us that they want to see the Church be more inclusive, more open minded, should ensure that sermons don’t talk about hell and so on.

Church, these are things we can’t agree with!    We are called to be ‘salt and light’, in other words to be candle in the darkness and a welcome addition.   We can’t be either one of these things if we are not any different from those around us.  If we are dwelling in the darkness along with the rest of the world how will our ‘candle’ shine the path to righteousness?

The Church as a whole has left it’s first love.   They no longer believe that the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God.  They have given up man as a beautiful being created in the very image of God and instead have bought the lie that is evolution.  That God gave us no more thought than a tiny speck of matter floating in an endless sea.   The Church accepts many different forms of perversion and says it’s ok and not only welcomes it, but celebrates it.

As we question why people are turning from the Church and as we move forward to face the persecutions that are come upon us we no longer have the weapons to shine truth into a lost and dying world.  We are no longer a light in the darkness, a candle in the wind   How is there hope in the Church when the church is embracing the same sin that people are dying from?

People might say the Church needs more compassion, fervency and urgency in prayer, more evangelism, but those are only symptoms of the real problem.   The Church cannot preach a saving, hope filled message when they are frolicking in the same morass of sin as the rest of the world.

If we look no different and act no different how can we expect anyone to accept that our message is one of hope and life?   The world sees the Church’s hypocrisy and calls it out and the Church has no defense for they have left their first love.

We draw people to our Savior by our actions in and out of the Church, by our character when no one is looking.  People no longer desire to be like us, because they are us and we are them.

Church,  I urge you, I beg you!  return to your first love!  Pray for forgiveness and return to the God who loves you and who has called you to be his people.   God has not changed nor moved away, WE have changed and we have changed the meaning of the Word of God as well.  The Bible must again be considered the True and Inspired Word of God.   We must first understand that the New Testament of Hope and Forgiveness cannot exist without the Old Testament Law.   We must understand the difference.    We must be able to proclaim to a lost and dying world that their hope isn’t found because they find a Church that welcomes and celebrates their sin, but instead it is found in a True and Right relationship with God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.

We have to lead the way.   The Church must turn from it’s wicked ways or it will lead it’s people to hell on path filled with unrighteousness and sin glossed over by the acceptance it has granted.


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