The victim blame game

Playing the victim is a dangerous game.   It deceives and blinds us to the truth, not only of the reality around us, but the reality within us.

On any given day there are a multitude of ‘victim’ masks we can wear.   The victim of society, of racism, of rich elitism, of nepotism and a whole host of others.  It is now trendy and fashionable to be a victim of some sort and make that a cause celebré.

We fail to see the inherent dangers in playing the victim game.  Playing the victim game not only has a tendency to blind us to the truth, it also deceives us.  It can convince us that we have the high ground and gives us reason to look down on others.  It takes otherwise rational people and morphs them into people that are no longer recognizable in their beliefs, attitudes and actions.

It blinds to the responsibilities that we hold, to provide for our sustenance, livelihood, safety, happiness and so on.   It slowly convinces us that those things no longer belong to us and the responsibility for providing those now belongs to someone else.

In our new found excitement to join in the cause, we fail to see how it not only changes us, but how it diminishes those who are the real victims.   It shunts them aside like yesterday’s news and they lay in the wake of our eagerness to prove that we are somehow the real objects of concern.

We become greedy automatons, whirling around on one merry-go-round cause after another, caught up in the frenzy and eager to get our share, leaving a string of broken, beaten down people in our wake and stepping on and over the bodies of those left behind in the wake of another cause, rushing to get on the bandwagon before it leaves.

We rush heedless into dangerous situations leaving behind all caution, knowing that if something happens we can just play the victim card and all will be well.

We are playing a dangerous game and the cards are running out.   Soon there will be no one left to blame, no one left to pay the piper.    We will be left beaten down and broken, with no knight on a white horse charging to our rescue.

Alone and afraid,  what will we do when all we have left is the knowledge that we alone are to blame, when we alone could have prevented what happened.

It’s time to take a step back.   Don’t be so willing to believe that every Hollywood personality or every scientist or every politician knows what’s best.   Give yourself time to really think about what is happening.   Not all change is good or even necessary.

But most of all it’s time to step back and stop playing the victim blame game before it’s too late.


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