Oh Brother where art thou?

In the sadness of the past couple days, since the unspeakable act that happened in Charleston, I have done a lot of thinking.

It’s time to start talking about the truth.  Our leaders aren’t talking about it, our media isn’t talking about it, the community leaders aren’t talking about it………….

Someone needs to talk about it.

Hatred is an ugly word and an even uglier condition of the heart.    It blinds us to the truth, it keeps us from stretching out a helping hand.   It eats away like a cancer inside until there is nothing left but the hate.   We are seeing a lot of hatred in our world.  It jumps out at us from the pages of the news with screaming headlines, with hateful abhorrent words, terrorism, racism, murder, torture and more.

It has been said that prayer can accomplish anything and I believe that this is true.  But prayer also requires action.  If one man prays for things to change and doesn’t himself change, will a fire for change be started?

I say that prayer for change must also be accompanied by action.  It must first change the heart of the one praying, then it can spread one to another and another and another.

There is a truth that must be spoken and that truth must spread and the chant must be heard by our leaders and by the media and it must be so loud it can’t be ignored.

In order for people to begin to think about each other as brothers and sisters without color, we have to STOP giving people special privileges because of color, we have to stop grouping people together because of the color of their skin and then telling them they aren’t capable of controlling their behavior or that they aren’t capable or smart enough to attain their goals.

We have to stop the processes that lean towards preferential or negative treatment based on color. It is absolutely critical that this happen.

People will never look at each other with acceptance until we have leaders who will speak up with truth, even when no one wants to listen to the truth.

  • Who will speak the hard words and will lead by example.
  • Who will stop telling the people that they deserve to be treated specially.
  • Who will stop telling the people that they are oppressed.
  • Who will stop telling the people to examine everything for signs of racism.
  • Who will tell the people to stop making excuses for their bad behavior.
  • Who will tell the people to clean up their own neighborhoods and accept the hands that are outstretched to help, instead of expecting it to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Not until there are leaders who will speak these words to a hurting people and tell them that responsibility for brotherhood lies on both sides of the fence.

Prayer equips God’s people, so let’s pray and then let us be the ones to start the fire.


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  1. Lachlan
    Jun 25, 2015 @ 15:29:18

    Thanks in support of sharing such a pleasant thinking, piece of writing is pleasant, thats why i have
    read it fully


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