What is Courage?

Up for examination today is a sports related award that is given to people whose contributions ‘Transcend Sports’ and is given even to those who are not athletes.    It’s called the Arthur Ashe courage award and is being given to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.   Bruce Jenner has ‘transitioned’ into Caitlyn Jenner and is now living life as a woman, although genetically he will always be male.

There has been outrage expressed over this award in the face of other, possibly better candidates such as Noah Galloway or Lauren Hill.

To me this begs the question, what is courage?

Is it courage to take an action for which you know you will receive fame and fortune and be celebrated and feted and heaped with praise


Is it courage to take an action which may or may not be recognized, which isn’t ‘newsworthy’ and which won’t give you financial gain?

Is it courage to wait until almost all the obstacles have been removed before acting


Is it courage to take action in the face of sometimes almost insurmountable obstacles?

I have to come down firmly on the side of those who face obstacle after obstacle in moving forward.  Sometimes financial, sometimes medical, always mental and emotional these obstacles can be never ending.   True courage is to push forward regardless of the obstacles and without knowing what they will be and if they will ever end.   True courage is moving forward regardless if someone notices, regardless if you make the news, regardless if you are showered with praise for your choices.   True courage is acting with or without the support of others.

True courage can’t be bought, doesn’t require adulation and doesn’t need to be noticed.    It comes from an inner strength and determination to overcome things that might otherwise kill you.  It means that you push forward whether or not you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and not knowing if coming out the other side means that you have passed through this life and are facing the next because the other side was death.  It means not giving up regardless of the obstacles, the negativity of others, and the physical and mental exhaustion.





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